Racism? Misplaced grievances? And a deeper problem!

by Riaan

Having listened to the 34 minute message of Pastor andAndre Olivier, I am not convinced that
the Pastor of Rivers Church is a racist…

but I am convinced he is a false teacher

If there was any racism in his message it was hidden very well, only visible to those who had prior knowledge of such tendencies from Pastor Andre. In all honesty, one has to read into his words racism or attribute to him very bad motives and attentions for the charge to be made.  However, the overt pop-psychology, word faith theology, positive confession, and a heavy dose of exegeting experiences instead of holy Scripture – all THIS fell on deaf ears! Astonishing!

It seems a Pastor can peddle all sorts of error, shamefully handle the Scriptures, and utterly fail to proclaim the gospel and no one bats an eye but don’t lean too close towards racism or any other social evil and you will feel the might of the new socially discerning Christian!

He apologized for his poorly chosen words, and rightfully so. He obviously offended many people, and those who spoke with charity and sincerely called him to account in this regard did well. But who is going to hold him accountable to rightly handle the Scriptures?

While he may not make the mistake of saying such foolish things as he did regarding blacks and whites again, he will probably continue to encourage his church to seek and pursue new revelation in addition to the Bible (as he did in that message) and thereby undermine the sufficiency of the Bible!

While he may not propagate a political agenda over the pulpit again, He will probably continue to render his church a great disservice by preaching to them a therapeutic gospel-less message of self-help (as he did in that message) and thereby undermine the sufficiency of Christ.

While he may not speak with such great ignorance regarding apartheid again (at least not publically) He will probably continue to stand in the pulpit week in and week out and with his botched hermeneutic pull together some verses to support his weak and atheological message, and thereby undermine the goal of the gospel in the life of every believer, namely, to conform us to the image of Christ through the faithful preaching of the word!

I wonder how many will feel the urge to walk out the next time he fails to rightly handle the Word? I wonder how many will take to twitter the next time he says something that undermines Christ and the gospel? I wonder how many will call him to account and stand for the truth of God’s word the next time He promotes error? I wonder how many will be offended the next time he offends God? Surely it is an offense to God when we stand with His word and say from it things He never intended? I’m wondering how many Christians still care about truth, the gospel, faithful preaching and sound doctrine?

Please don’t miss the aim of this post; it’s not to say that we should be more concerned about false teaching than about the diabolical sin of racism. The point here is that those who sat under the message were able to endure overt error and mishandling of Scripture without any objection but had their senses awakened at a mere whiff of what appeared to be something almost close to racism.

For me, this is not a recurring case of racism and social injustice, this is a recurring theme of ill-equip men who have no business handling Scripture and a sorry case of biblical illiteracy that pervades Christendom in South Africa. This is another case of 2 Timothy 4:3

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

In this case those who had their ears tickled also had their sensitivities stung. But what do you expect when you accumulate for yourself teachers according to your own desire?